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Beauty by Raymond Watson (in walnut) 

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Dear friend,

I was born in 1958.  My life experience has been my most valuable training in the arts.  I am an artist based in Belfast, a city that has often been my muse.  As an artist in Ireland I am perhaps in the unique position of being someone who has direct experience of the political conflict.  

I have a substantial body of work that is influenced by culture, conflict and human rights issues.  This art is influenced heavily by the recent political conflict in the north of Ireland.  But our home situation is not unique, it is normal, and shares similarities with conflicts around the globe.

I have also a substantial body of work that is influenced by the ingenious stories of mythology, culture and history.  The beautiful poetry of Seamus Heaney has been especially influential.  In fact Seamus Heaney sent me his support when he viewed images of my artwork that sought to capture the themes of his poetry:

ĎThose images that yet
Fresh images begetí.

W.B. Yeats

Thank you for visiting  I hope that you have enjoyed the experience; feel free to pass the details along to every one you know.  I value any comments and feedback so please send me an email or join my mailing list at:


Good luck

Raymond Watson 

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The Cold Floor

Cold Floor

The Long Walk

The Long Walk

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